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We offer FREE and confidential HIV  Hep-C testing, and Syphilis, with test results in 20 minutes, five days a week at our office in Wailuku, and at outreach sites - Kihei, Lahaina and Upcountry weekly. We also offer tests in Hana and on Molokai twice a year.

To schedule an appointment, call 808-242-4900 and ask to schedule a test.

Maui AIDS Foundation’s Prevention Workers have all been trained and certified in Rapid 20 minute HIV and Hep-C testing and counseling by Hawaii’s State Department of Health STD/AIDS Prevention Branch.

Our testers provide test results in person. If your result is reactive, they provide post-counseling and link the client with HIV medical care and case management.  For those testing negative, our testers offer counseling on safe sex practices to ensure their status remains negative.

What to expect when you arrive for testing...

When you arrive at Maui AIDS Foundation for testing, the first thing you want to do is check-in with the front desk person. They will help get your appointment started. We prioritize client confidentiality, all tests are done one-on-one with a counselor in a private and comfortable room, so folks can feel safe and open to discuss their concerns. The following bullet points highlight what happens next...

If your test result is positive...

A full blood draw will be required for confirmatory testing
You will be connected with a case manager who will help you access support and services to manage and live with your HIV status.

What does confidential testing mean?

Confidential testing refers to HIV antibody testing services in which personal identifiers are known to persons providing the services, and positive results are reported to the Hawaii State Department of Health in accordance with state reporting requirements. To ensure confidentiality, completed HIV forms and results are always kept in a locked file.

Confidentiality of records, personal information gathered from clients, HIV testing and test results is of the utmost importance.

All client information and records must be maintained using an approach consistent with Hawaii State law, and if applicable, the Privacy and Security Requirements promulgated by the federal government in the Health Insurance Portability ACT (HIPAA). Client information is kept strictly confidential and records managed and stored in a secure manner.

Confidential information includes any material, whether oral or recorded in any form or medium that identifies (or can readily be associated with the identity of) a person and is directly related to their health care. All information relating to an individual's HIV/AIDS status is protected under medical confidentiality guidelines and legal regulations. In recognition of the very sensitive nature of these conditions, medical record protection for HIV/AIDS, are protected more rigorously than other medical information.

All staff involved in HIV testing and counseling activities with access to testing results and counseling information are required to sign a confidentiality statement acknowledging the legal requirements under state and federal law not to disclose HIV/AIDS information.  

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