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Maui AIDS Foundation assists clients in accessing Ryan White medical funds. Each financial request is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and each request and service has to be related to a client’s HIV status. The following information outlines allowable costs for funding sources:

 Ryan White Financial Assistance Available for Medical Services

  • Medical Visit Co-pays 

  • Lab Visit Co-pay

    • Medical bill must be in client's name

    • Medical bill must be current

Important Information on the Process for Ryan White Funds:

  • Financial assistance is based on eligibility and limited by the availability of funds.

  • Clients must apply for all eligible entitlements and benefits (Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, etc.) before applying for financial assistance through MAF. All funding sources are payers of last resort. Your Case Manager can assist with applications.

  •  No records or protected health information pertaining to any client will be released without an authorization to use and disclose protected health information form signed by the client. MAF needs a PHI signed for each Invoice by client, to request funding.

  • All invoices must be current and addressed to the client, not MAF. All payments for services will be made directly to the provider. No payments are made to the client and no client reimbursements are permitted. Original invoices should be turned in with the requests to the client's Case Manager by the 15th of the month. Payments are mailed to providers by the end of the month.

  • Each health insurance/co-pay (HLTH) funding request may require additional supportive documentation justifying the service is related to HIV. If your health and financial needs are extensive, considering requesting your HIV provider write a blanket letter for your Case Manager. This letter needs to be provided yearly and will cover all invoices as related to HIV status.

  • Each financial request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Client Services Director and the Executive Director.

  • Active clients agree to keep MAF informed in a timely manner of their current address, telephone number and any changes in status. Changes in income must be reported immediately as they may affect eligibility of the applicant.

  • Clients are urged to remember that this is an application process. Although MAF makes every effort to meet the needs of clients, due to limited funding, some applications will inevitably be denied.

 *If you are positive, living with HIV but are above the Ryan White income limits ($5592 for a single person, $7560 for a married couple) we can still assist with linking with medical providers, enrolling onto health insurance and refer to medication assistance programs from pharmaceutical companies to offset their copays for their HIV medications.”

 Additional Financial Assistance for Medical Services


    • Provides labs for uninsured clients

  • HDAP 

    • Provides co-pays for HIV medications

    • ​Provides full coverage for uninsured clients​


    • Provides monthly premiums for a client's medical insurance​

We are here for you.


Reach out to our Client Services team if you are in need of help.

All inquiries are kept confidential.

If you are an existing client, please reach out to your Case Manager


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