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‘I have been assisted by MAF since November 2019 when I was moved to Maui from New York City. Amanda has jumped in to help my case from the beginning. I'm sure my case is more difficult with immigrant status. Renae is my case manager now Renae is very kind to me, as in my case it's hard for her, but she's never given up on me. She is helping me throughout til I get to see the doctor, labs, and medicines. I'm very grateful to have her as a case manager. Not just that, Renae is a good listener and tries to understand who speaks English in the second language, She is good at patience when I could not get back to her on time. She is helping me with stress problems. If I didn't have her that day I might not be able to get back on track. I hope every single person who works at MAF has a wonderful life, they are helping others so they deserve the greatest.’

‘I am a middle age single gay male that was diagnosed with HIV since March 2003.
Not being fully knowledgeable you think being diagnosed is a death sentence. By the time it happened I was living in up state NY with family. Before that time my life was very successful and it all crashed at once. 
When you get diagnosed you need to educate yourself, find emotional and physical help to learn how to live with this condition. In July if that year I came to the island suggested by the head of prevention and education of your institution at that time Dean Wong. As soon I got to Maui I got enrolled.
In a personal level up to know enough or plenty of times I feel ashamed or in disadvantage because of my health condition. The positive side is that all over the country we have people that are looking for our best interest!! 17 years has gone by and I am FOREVER grateful with the moral and financial aid that I have got from Maui AIDS foundation since. 
Over the years I have got counseling thru my case managers, the benefit of use the food pantry at times of need and for a little over a year now financial aid for my housing thru Neighboring Housing Program, you guys paying for part of my rent. 
We know how expensive is to live here on Maui and it would be EXTREMELY difficult to cover all my expenses as a single person here on Maui. What I would like to point out even more is the EXCELLENT feeling and the piece of mind that you get when the clients are backed up by your institution and for most the love and care how you do it !!
Thank you in my behalf and I bet all of the clients for the great job that you do!’

"I have been very blessed to receive enormous support from MAF for the past seven years.  They have provided me with much needed financial support through rental assistance, insurance premiums and the use of their food pantry.  I’m so grateful to the entire staff and continued support at times when it is most needed.  Mahalo nui loa!"

‘The assistance provided by the Maui Aids Foundation (MAF) over the years has been an instrumental part of my quality of life.  They've assisted me by providing monthly bus passes so I could continue working. When I  didn't have enough to buy food my case manager immediately signed me up for the food pantry, and when I couldn't pay my electricity the MAF once again was there.Since COVID 19 has entered the equation many lives including my own has been disrupted.  I was blessed by working with a temp agency in hopes of generating sufficient income to cover my monthly responsibilities unfortunately the earnings we're insufficient as the assignments we're only part-time.  MAF assisted me with rental assistance providing some much-needed breathing room.  As the quarantine was continually being extended a harsh wave of reality struck me; my wife and I are on the verge of becoming unsheltered. Once my case manager learned of my current situation she did not hesitate to jump into action by connecting me with the Neighborhood Inter-island Housing Program,  I'm ever so grateful for your assistance and I ask GOD BLESS each and every one of their dedicated workers.’

‘Our Family has a strong foundation because of Maui Aids.  When we moved to the state 5 years ago, we had obstacles that where intimidating and at times daunting.  With my current health which is Healthy, it does take a tole on all cylinders that can health consequences.  The Agency filtered and navigated our responses through  there expertise counsel made us land on firm ground.  We are thriving and building more of our foundation, because of MAF. We are eternally grateful and humbled by all the life changing ways, there services MAF  offer from shelter to counseling to just a call to say I am having a hard day.’

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