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The Director of Client Services and Case Managers serve previously known and newly identified HIV positive clients in the office, Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Clients are evaluated to find out what their needs are and how best to meet those needs during the initial intake process. Case management is client focused.

  • They offer information on the HIV specialists in Maui County who take all forms of health insurance including uninsured individuals

  • Case Managers help guide individuals with no insurance to programs that allow them to access an HIV doctor and HIV medicines 

  • During the ACA (Affordable Care Act) enrollment window, they will help the individual enroll in health insurance that best suits them as an HIV positive person 

  • They will also guide people to the MedQUEST system for health insurance, food stamps and general assistance(welfare).

  • Most importantly, the role of the Case Managers are to make sure the individual has access to an HIV doctor and HIV medicines

  • The Case Managers also provide Ryan White financial assistance to ensure clients receive proper medical, dental and mental health service.​


The Food Pantry is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm to serve clients. The food bank serves as a supplemental food pantry to help individuals meet their nutritional goals. The food bank is not intended as a main source of food but a supplement. Clients can shop for canned goods, staples such as rice and or pasta, frozen items and a small variety of fresh vegetables & fruits. 


Case Managers also work with a specialized housing program that helps clients of the Foundation with monthly rental assistance for qualified individuals. A case manager works closely with the client and the housing director to make sure proper paperwork is completed to access the program.

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